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3m internship

During the summer of 2022, I worked as an Industrial Design Intern for 3M's Consumer Business Group. I collaborated on a team project, with other design interns, to find new product opportunities for aging populations and I worked on a solo project researching/developing a line of dispensers made with sustainable materials.

Summer 2022



Sarah Gallagher, Ann Li, Meryem Maameri, Johanna Moreta, Bobby Omoregbee


How might we design for skin of an aging population, leveraging 3M Science, to reimagine what’s possible?


To start our process we began exploring opportunities in the consumer space and identifying common problems associated with aging skin. Our secondary research led us to analyze perceptions on aging skin. 

Secondary Research

Discovery Mapping

Literature + Media Review

Competitive Analysis


Primary Research

Ethnographic Research
Subject Matter Expert Interviews



Persona Generation
User Journeys


Awareness + Knowledge Gap

Misconceptions and confusion due to lack of knowledge creates barriers to healthy care routines and access.

Hesitancy, Denial, Trust

Lack of self-confidence and comfort results in minimization and discounting, preventing proactive decision-making.

Inaction and Dismissiveness

“Too little too late”– procrastination and reactive care results in deprioritization of one’s own comfort and health.


As a result, individuals lack reliable, actionable information about the natural aging process and are not equipped to make informed decisions to care for their skin.

Traditional consumer offerings surrounding skin care are appearance-centric, resulting in a lack of knowledge

around holistic skin health.

Rather than focusing on solutions that target the appearance of aging, how might we provide individuals with the resources they need to make healthy decisions for their skin?


Education and Access

Empower individuals through information and resource provision, elevating awareness of skin health and functionality.

Instilling Confidence

Shift point of care to individuals and empower them to make healthy, science-backed decisions for their skin.

Continuous and Mindful Self-Care

Promote holistic, care-based functionality and equip individuals to understand and care for their own skin in nuanced ways.

After finalizing our design criteria, we ideated on different offerings that the criteria could manifest into. We decided to create a physical product concept, an in-store activation experience, a mobile app concept, and brand communications.

Product concept

Smart wearables

At-home product channels




Merchandising and retail presence

mobile app

Mobile computing

Remote monitoring




Partner communications

Customer relationships

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