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umn pet

UMN Pet is a mini telehealth app to organize health record information and consolidate emergency information for pet owners and the University of Minnesota Vet Hospital.


Create an app to assist in emergency scenarios.

2021 Product Design Studio 3


To start, I began looking at existing telehealth apps for vet care. Most were only used by a few private practice clinics. They offered ways to make appointments and manage prescriptions.


To better understand the process of taking pets to primary or emergency care vets, I interviewed two emergency & primary care professors at the University of Minnesota. I also surveyed 90 pet owners and gathered feedback on their experience taking their pets to the vet. In addition, compiled some shared needs and frustrations with vet visits mid-COVID.


To start, I created an initial site map to understand what I needed to include and how it might be organized.


I then proceeded to explore different variations of the pages and task flows for the user to go through. My goal was to find the most consolidated way of showing the detailed health records for pets and a way to direct owners in urgent or emergency scenarios.

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